American Legion Emblem


The 2 new SAL logos follow the same standards as the American Legion Logo.  The new SAL brand marks are for a variety of promotional uses – from social media channels to membership drives. The logo does not replace the official emblem of the organization, which remains in use for official documents, memorial observances, uniforms and post signage.  The new brand mark is to be displayed in all marketing communications, such as:

The orginal SAL emblem is reserved for official organization communications, such as:

Like the emblem, the brand mark is legally protected property of The American Legion National Headquarters. Any use outside of the organization – such as merchandising, marketing by groups unaffiliated with The American Legion or at political events – is legally restricted and requires authorization from the national adjutant.  The same rules of permission to use the official emblem apply to the brand mark. Those rules, along with an online application form, can be found at on the national American Legion website.

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