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Commander: James Coates                         Adjutant: Robert J. Avery

Dear Squadron Commander,

We would like to make our 2018-2019 year the biggest and best ever for the Detachment of New York! In part because it is the 100th Anniversary of the American Legion, in part because we have a fellow New York Son, “Greg Doc Gibbs”, who is our National Commander, and in part because there are more people in the Community in need of our time and assistance, especially our children, than ever before. 

We are asking for EVERY Squadron and SAL Member to accept the call and participate.

All we ask is that you help us raise awareness about the American Legion’s Child Welfare Foundation, and at the same time raise funds to support the CWF. This past year, the national CWF has issued grants of over $760,000 to organizations across the country that provides all types of assistance to children. Please see the enclosed information sheets about CWF and the New York organizations that have benefited from CWF grants over the years.  Here is what we’re asking you to do.

We will support your efforts in every way possible. But need you to make the effort!  From the Detachment level we will provide additional press releases about our campaign and CWF through our media contacts, our website, the internet, and social media.  It will be important information and support that you can share, or direct people to.

If every squadron does an event and publicizes it, and with our efforts at the Detachment level to assist, we will have a massive effect across the state, supercharge every squadron with enthusiasm, help us grow and continue to do good work for our Community, and help children in need across our great State and Nation. IMPORTANT! To have our CWF contributions count toward this CWF fiscal year, proceeds must be sent into Detachment Headquarters by April 30, 2019 so presentation can be made to Commander Gibbs at the spring NEC meeting on May 4th or 5th. Make checks payable to Detachment of New York S.A.L. with CWF written in the memo line of the check.


James Coates, Detachment Commander

Sons of The American Legion

General Information about the Child Welfare Foundation   Fillable Press  Release Template History of CWF Grants within the Detachment of New York

The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation

Visit The Child Welfare Foundation

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