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The Sons of The American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary of New York, are proud to announce their partnership in the 16th annual Walk-A-Thon.  The "official" date of the Walk-A-Thon this year is April 23, 2022.  The focus this year for the Sons will again be the Homeless Veteran programs at each of the VA Medical Centers in New York State.  The American Legion Auxiliary focus this year will be on America's VetDogs. 

In 2021, despite being in the grasp of the Pandemic, our Walk-A-Thon set a new record of $35,772.26.  (CLICK HERE FOR A RECAP)

Because the Pandemic, we know that many will not want to gather for an organized Walk Event, but you need to know that you don't have to!!  Whether you join an organized Walk, start a new Walk, or just do something privately in your home or in a small group, you can still be a participant.  You can do your fundraising anytime.  We have designated April 23rd as the Official date, as that's the date we will hold a "Virtual Walk" so you can join us on-line and tell us how you did.  It will be almost like a Telethon!!  Please join us.

We also have created a Walk-A-Thon Facebook Group page.  Just search in Facebook for Walk-A-Thon NYS or CLICK HERECheck the page often as we, and your participating friends, will be providing valuable information, tools, updates, suggestions, and even some words of encouragement to make your fund raising a success.

We hope that on this site you will find the words you need to share and the tools you need to use, to make Walk-A-Thon NYS an event where you are located, and a sucess for those we need to serve.  One of the most useful tools is the Boots Cut-Out (downloadable below).  Sell them for $5, sell them for $10; Write the donor name on and hang it up in the Post.  IT WORKS!

But most of all remember and remind people of just one thing, "they marched for us, its our turn now to walk for them".

Any questions can be answered by contacting Gabe Cinquegrana at 585-474-3427; e-mail at, or contact the Point of Contacts listed in the material below.


       Forms and Documents needed to participate in Walk-A-Thon NYS


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