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Consolidated Squadron Report

The deadline to complete the report is April 30, 2017, so you will be covering your activities and donations for the 12 month period from May of 2016 through April of 2017.  All Squadrons in this Detachment are expected to complete this form.  Note: Counties should report directly to their District, and the Districts should report directly to the Detachment

The paper report that was mailed is a single page with two copies. If using that document to complete the report, send the original (GOLD) copy and second (GREEN) copy to Detachment HQ.  Retain the last copy for your Squadron. 

While we have a FILLABLE PDF version of the CSR posted on the website, as well as an Excel spreadsheet version, You will still need to print out the appropriate number of copies as noted above (2 copies to Detachment Headquarters, 1 copy for your Squadron).  Checkmark on the bottom of the Fillable PDF which copyyou are doing before printing.  If you use the Excel spreadsheet version, which automatically makes the entries on the CSR form, to print the detail sheet on 8.5x11 click on the PAGE LAYOUT menu option in Excel, then under SCALE toggle the 100% down to 50%.  Remember, the tabs at the bottom of the Spreadsheet version indicate which page you are on.  The only tab that you can enter data on is the Details tab which contains the spreadsheet.  The information on the spreadsheet is then automatically calculated and carried over to the CSR and other parts of the report.

All Reports to be mailed to Detachment Headquarters no later than April 30 to the address below:  Note - your County and/or District organization may also require copies sent to them.

Sons of The American Legion
Detachment of New York
Suite 1300 112 State Street
Albany, New York 12207

Consolidated Squadron Report 2016-2017 Adjutant Communication

Consolidated Squadron Report 2016-2017 Report




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